Melrose Plantation Real Estate, LLC.

While most companies would never make their marketing information available to the public,
we know that no other firm can replicate our service and caring for our clients who become our friends.
It's about relationships really, isn't it?

What we offer Buyers

Buying one of your most valuable investments is complex and competitive.

We offer a complimentary Competitive Marketing Analysis that will help you determine if the price is appropriate for the property you would like to buy.

We will help you organize workers to make repairs on your property.

We offer you a complimentary stay at Fish Tales, our private vacation property on the Corrotoman River or Lynhams, a private historic property at Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club, when you have your closing!

We offer automatic notification of properties that match your search criteria through our affiliation with two MLS systems that cover this area.

Real Estate is all about great communication. We are constantly available by multiple sources of communication -

We will go to your closing to ensure every details is handled.  Many real estate salespeople do not go!

We will make certain that the reports and inspections are conducted on schedule and any issues rectified appropriately.

We offer you a complimentary copy of the Retirement Handbook.

We help you investigate the property, including home inspection and insurance claims the sellers have had within the past five years.

We are delighted to speak with you at any time.   Really.  800.711.4620

Notes on buying:

What to consider during walk-through.  Walk-through is your opportunity to verify that the property is being conveyed to you in the condition you expected, with the contents you expected.  Schedule the walk-through during daylight hours within 24 hours before closing.  If there were repairs to have been made, bring the inspector's reports, or the inspector!  They charge around $100 to revisit the property but it may be worth it to you.  Take your time.  We will help make sure the seller or their agent allows you the time you need to check things over.  Look at the appliances, personal property, systems, etc., and see if the owner's manuals are there.  A considerate owner will leave them for you.  Check over the condition of the storage spaces that may be empty for your viewing the first time.  If there are problems, take photos to document them as it will help us resolve them.  We can have funds held in escrow to resolve the issues, or delay closing until they are resolved.  Our goal is to get to closing with satisfied buyers!

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