Photos from Williamsburg Winery are representative of the proposed facilities

Good Luck Winery

L A N C A S T E R  C O U N T Y,  V I R G I N I A

A Proposal for Land Use and Rezoning
March 2004


Wouldnít it be exciting to see another clean, environmentally friendly business come to the Northern Neck?  One that would make good use of the natural resources of beautiful Lancaster County?  And an industry that would encourage tourism and amplify the experience of visitors to our beautiful region?  Such an endeavor is winemaking, and this proposal shall attempt to support the rezoning of acreage in the county for this use.

The Land

 The land in question is the 92± acres on Good Luck Road currently owned by the Hayden Corp. and used as a sand and gravel pit.  It has offered up many cubic yards of these useful materials to support the growth of the region, and is now ready to be reclaimed for further use.  The terrain and soil type offers good opportunity for viticulture and the terracing of the sloping land will offer good drainage while stabilizing the soil and preventing the ongoing erosion inherent in any soil-mining operation.  Thus, the site will see a rebirth to an aesthetically pleasing end.


proposed style

Land Use

 Areas of the property currently scarred by earth-moving equipment, and where erosion has occurred, will be planted with stabilizing vegetation such as rye and oats and will be appropriately terraced to accommodate trellised grapevines.  Three to four years is required to see the first useful crop of grapes, and until that time the business will center on producing healthy vines for a long, productive life.  At about year three the site will see the building of the wine producing facility, starting with a fifty-by-one hundred foot building which will house fermentation tanks and storage casks.  Bottling of wine for consumption will be done at the end of the third or fourth growing season and will be sold on site at our retail facility.  This will be an architect-designed building after the style of old world facilities that will blend very nicely with the historic nature of our area.


The Physical Plant

 The initial production facility is planned as a 5,000 sq. ft. building fronted by the retail space, initially planned for 2,100 sq. ft.  The latter will contain a tasting room, as well as a sitting area with tables for the enjoyment of a light accompanying fare.  This area will feature a fireplace and brick oven for the production of homemade bread and display of homegrown jellies and jams.  Wine cellar accouterment such as bottle openers and racks also will be offered.  An area at one end of the retail space will contain a lecture hall and stage for use as video theater and entertainment venue.  The plan is to offer use of the space for dinner meetings and community-oriented lectures.  Because of the retail nature of some of the activities of our winery, we feel it appropriate to apply for a zoning change, in accordance with county recommendations.

proposed style

proposed interior style

proposed interor style


 It is estimated that the initial personnel requirements will be five full time employees for the year-round running of the winery.  This will include grape-growing operations, fields maintenance, pruning and fertilizing, and the later retail operation when the grape crop comes to fruition.  Harvest time will require more labor and will be recruited from the local labor market, most likely at the high school level.

proposed interior style

proposed interior style

Traffic flow

 Projected vehicular traffic volume when retail operations mature will be 20 to 30 automobiles per daily.  Occasional wine tasting festivals might generate 75 to 100 cars several times per year.  Parking will be provided, of course, on site according to architectís calculations in keeping with local codes.  VDOT has been contacted and their recommendations follow.  No breakdown lanes will be required but the typical 50 foot radius entry arcs entering the parcel will be provided.

Hours of Operation

Expected hours of retailing will be 10 AM to 6 PM., Tuesday through Saturday except for special occasions as mentioned above.

Special Reports

 Study data and specifications are provided in this report by the following:

 Soil scientist for water consumption and wastewater disposal
 Architect for building site plan, parking layout and traffic ingress/egress;
 Civil engineer for drainage consideration; a pond already on site may be used for crop irrigation.

The Projected Owners

 Pending the acceptance of this application, the subject property will be conveyed to Katie and Paul Krop, who have owned property in the Northern Neck for the past seven years.  Katie is a school nurse and Paul is an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Virginia Beach and Norfolk for the past 29 years.  Heís been chairman of the department of surgery and president of the medical staff at Virginia Beach General Hospital as well as president of the Virginia Orthopedic Society and president of the Jefferson Hand Surgery Club.  In the early years before Paulís practice enlarged, Katie was his office manager, bookkeeper, and office nurse while raising their five children!  Katie and Paulís love of biology in general and gardening in particular led to their production of homegrown/homemade wine, which has the added benefit of increasing good health.  Their latest venture will expand on this experience and become their next full time job when they move permanently to the Northern Neck.