"Headley House"
Northumberland County Historic Landmark

Antebellum Cottage
"We don't want to see it torn down, that's why the price is so low."
-- Emily Lawson, relative of owner
Northumberland Echo  August 2002


Original front section of house is 24 feet across

dimensions on this side are:
kitchen addition to right is 9 feet deep x 15 1/2 feet long
slight off set to left door is 3 feet long
addition to far left is approximately 10 x 10 feet

dimensions on this side are:
side over English basement is 64 feet long
shed addition directly attached to original house being approximately 10 x 9 feet
by exterior measurement

Kitchen addition to far left is approximately 9 x 15 1/2 feet

  • From the book
    Heathsville, Yesterday & Today
    by Carolyn H. Jett
    Published by The Woman's Club of Northumberland County


    The 1848 plat shows that there was no house on this exact location at that time.  For that plat shows that the house immediately north of the Lawson house was only 40' away, and this house is farther away than that.  But, that house that was only 40' away matches this house in size, so it is possible that this house was moved after 1848 to its new location.  Either that or this house was built after 1848, but almost certainly prior to 1861.

    The original portion of this house is 16' x 24'.  It was a story-and-a-half, and consisted of a center hall, a small room to the right of that hall, and an even smaller room to the left.  A steep stairway with a head clearance of about 5' leads to a single attic room.  It is only in this stairway and the attic room that interior evidences can be seen of the age of this house.  The basement which originally served as kitchen and dining room, is now completely paneled and no brick, beams or sill are in view.  The back portion of the house was added at a later time.

    When William Harding bought Sunnyside in 1869 from the sale of John J. Betts' estate, he also purchased this house.  Three years later he sold it to William J. Tignor who kept it until 1888, and then sold it to Elizabeth Hall.  And in 1901, Elizabeth and John H. Hall sold it to H.C. Rowe who conveyed it in 1909 to his son Carroll J. Rowe.

    The Rowe Family lived here until 1915, and then sold the house to Mary V. Neale.  And in 1922, Frank A. Neale sold it to M. Warren Rowe who sold it in 1927 to Carrol B. Barnes.  Twelve years later, in 1939, Barnes sold it to John R. Purcell.  And in 1977, it was purchased by Jennings and Ruth Lawson.  Mrs. Lawson's parents, the Headleys, occupied the home until their passings.  Mrs. Lawson, who lives next door, is the present owner.

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