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Catherine Bennett, Robert Bennett & Sally Rohlfing, Realtors
Member: National Association of Realtors
Member: Virginia Association of Realtors
Member: Northern Neck Association of Realtors
Member: Chesapeake Bay and Rivers Association of Realtors

Attended the May 2004 Midyear NAR convention in Washington DC

Robert Bennett is also a 
Registered Architect, Professional Engineer and Class A Contractor

Free Competitive Marketing Analysis
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We're knowledgeable and use the best information available.  And while you can search through all this information, for most there is just too much information available. And often times much of this information isn't worth the time it takes to read. This coupled with our busy nature and lack of time only lends to the problem. But there is a solution? 
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Selling your home?
Preparation for showing is critical as first impressions are lasting.
Your home will get a better response from buyers if you do the following:
  1. Keep the lawn mowed, edged and clean.  If you have pets be extra care to pick up after them.  Be sure snow, ice and all debris is removed from walks and steps.
  2. Be sure your front door and mailbox are fresh, clean and painted.
  3. Plant shrubbery if needed.  Keep flower beds cultivated, add blooming plants in season.  Arrange porch furniture attractively.
  4. Consider the value of a quick coat of paint inside and out.
  5. Always keep your home tidy.  Give special attention to the kitchen and bathroom as these are rooms that require cleanliness for good health.  Make your rooms sparkle!
  6. The possibility of a quick sale and a higher price may result from redecorating.  I can help you look at these items critically.  Now is the time to make small inexpensive repairs.  Also make any repairs that would be necessary to satisfy a home inspection by the purchaser.
  7. Windows should be sparkling clean.  Using a combination of vinegar and newspaper leaves them streak free but make certain you keep the newsprint from the trim.  Spot paint marred walls.
  8. By fixing leaky faucets, loose doorknobs, sticky drawers and warped cabinet doors now, buyers will focus on the beauty of your home.  Some buyers may think such small repairs could amount to a fortune in repairman bills so let's keep them focused on why your home is right for them instead!
  9. Keep your halls, stairways and piers clear of clutter, both for an appearance of neatness but also for safety.
  10. So that a buyer may see your storage and utility spaces, go ahead and remove unnecessary materials from your attic, garage, boathouse, sheds and basement.  It will also make moving easier.
  11. Do the same for closets, showing that space is ample.
  12. For our ease of mind and your protection, please move your medicines and jewelry or other true valuables to a locking cabinet or out of the house.  Do not leave such things in a bathroom as occasionally I have had a buyer need to use the loo and I obviously cannot be with them every minute.
  13. Buyers respond for cheerful and bright homes so open your drapes and curtains in the daytime and turn on lights in the evening.  I've even gotten appointment with buyers who drove by at night and got a peak of the street side rooms and wanted to see the whole house.
  14. If you'd like to have your home on the market for a shorter period of time and get higher offers, make sure your home smells fresh and clean by using a good air freshener before each showing, smoking outside and paying special attention to odor sources such pet litter boxes, kitchen and "sickrooms."

When we get you a showing, remember to:

  1. Disappear if you can but leave the house at a minimum.  Don't tag along and oversell your home, real estate agents are experts in ferreting out the buyers likes and dislikes and letting the buyer sell themselves on the qualities of your home that meet their criteria.
  2. Under any circumstances, children and pets should not be present.  This may be an excellent time to go out for exercise.
  3. Although softly playing background, stereo music is acceptable, please turn off the radio and television, even if it is Dr. Phil.  Your real estate agent needs to talk with the buyer without distractions.
  4. "Silence is Golden."  Unless asked, please don't volunteer any information.  Your agent is trained to frame negative information with solutions.
  5. The buyer is house hunting, not furniture shopping.  The most important thing is to get your home sold and if the buyer is interested in furniture, discussing selling furniture before you have a sales contract for the house can ruin the transaction.
  6. Let us as your Realtor discuss price, terms, possession and other factors with the buyer.  We are trained and qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion and are aware of current regulations.
  7. Very rarely is your home ever shown without an agent and never without an appointment.  Never let anyone into your home for a showing unless you have heard from Sally or Catherine, your real estate ladies!
  8. Before we get a buyer, take the time to review a blank sales contract so that when we do enter into negotiations you can respond in a prompt manner that enhances the buyer's enthusiasm for your property instead of dragging them down into tedious revisions.  Remember the quicker the negotiations, the better the deal.


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